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YouTube – Why Is It Still So Popular to This Day?

Whenever we are browsing online, we stumble upon many entertaining websites. Websites that offer bonus codes when it comes to shopping, or 1xbet promo code, or websites full of quizzes about what character from the cult TV show Friends you are etc. While we sometimes have a hard time deciding which one we should visit, there is always that one that we always have turned on on our computers – and that’s YouTube. As we all know YouTube is the most popular platform for watching videos, or at least it was the most popular up until recently. Right now TikTok is dominating the market but it seems to be doing a significantly better job compared to YouTube. Here we will explain why YouTube’s popularity dropped significantly over the years, but at the same time explain why it’s still very popular. 

Algorithm and Ads

One of the main complaints content creators have about YouTube is its algorithm or the types of videos that are pushed by the platform. The problem occurred when the effect of the subscribe button was basically nullified. No longer would your feed feature videos of the content creators you chose to follow, but rather videos YouTube feels you would enjoy. They added a “bell” button that you need to click in order to receive a notification when a new video from someone is uploaded. 

This might have been a little positive for people who don’t have that many subscribers and who might remain unnoticed because of the existing algorithm. But in reality, it takes a miracle to be featured, and it mainly feels like censoring the content. There were, of course, other issues regarding the demonetization of videos, what type of content is considered okay, and the type of content that isn’t 

Finally, the platform is filled with ads, and your videos are constantly interrupted. This is really annoying for the viewers, but it’s the only way for content creators to earn extra money, so we can’t be too mad about it. However TikTok doesn’t have ads, and their algorithm is way better, which is why many viewers migrated there. 

Why is YouTube Still Popular?

We cannot deny that YouTube still has a massive user base, so much so that it is impossible to ignore. Moreover, there are a lot of video essays that are not available on TikTok, and people love to watch those. So, there is still a type of content that is available on YouTube, and that isn’t available on other platforms. 

Another important factor is that YouTube is free, so it’s not like someone is wasting money on the site. It’s a site that is filled with quality content and different channels and it doesn’t cost anything. Even TV channels are uploading their content there, and those who didn’t get to see it live can still watch it later. 

When you consider these factors it’s perfectly normal for content creators to continue uploading their content on YouTube. Even if a lot of them have shifted to making videos for other platforms they still want to expand their user base, and ignoring or boycotting YouTube is not a smart move.

Lastly, there are a ton of new features that were added for both views and content creators. You can follow various metrics, and get feedback on how to improve engagement on your videos. And there are also short videos, which are basically TikTok content that have a dedicated section here.