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Top PC Companies in 2022

Many people have opted to purchase a PC that they can easily find on store shelves because creating their own PC can be really expensive or time-consuming. Moreover, no matter how challenging the best PC games are or what free games you like, you’ll have an immersive gaming experience with the best gaming PCs of their respective brands. The majority of them may not be among the top budget PC brands, but they can make PCs that offer top-notch performance without sacrificing essential features.


In its humble beginnings, Omen was known as Voodoo PC before it was acquired by HP. The Calgary-based company Voodoo PC specializes in luxury desktop computers and gaming systems. After acquiring the Voodoo brand in 2006, HP used the name for its gaming division until 2013. However, the logo remains, although the company is now called Omen. This company produces high-quality computers. Resources and technology are used by the Omen division to create some of the best PCs.


Sakai was the previous name of Alienware in 1996, before switching to our current name in 1997. As Founder and CEO, Nelson Gonzalez, first upgraded his friends’ computers when regular PCs didn’t provide adequate gaming performance. As a result, the company began solely manufacturing PCs, which greatly enhanced its reputation. A new company was born with the Alienware Blade winning PC gamer’s editor’s choice award. A few years ago, Dell acquired Alienware, and Alienware has continued producing high-quality gaming hardware ever since.


A Californian company called Corsair was founded in 1994. Among its first products were its DRAM modules and cache. Since its humble beginnings, the company has produced additional computer components and then has produced its own branded PCs. Through acquiring companies like Scuf Gaming, Origin Computers, and Elgato, Corsair has continued to expand over time. Over the past several years, Corsair has expanded its ecosystem to include everything from headsets to keyboards to cases to gaming PCs. All Corsair products are compatible with the ICUE software, which is one of the biggest reasons to use them.


In 1968, Intel’s technology was at the forefront of computing innovation. They develop game-changing technology that improves people’s lives and promotes global progress. Technology is reaching a turning point with artificial intelligence (AI), the 5G network revolution, and the arrival of the intelligent edge. Intel is at the center of these components driven by silicon and software. Normally Intel makes work computers or office computers, but what if we told you that Intel has started offering gaming PCs, too, which are also beginner-friendly.

Origin PC

The company was started in 2009 by former Alienware employees who wanted to once again build custom PCs. A year after it grew exponentially, Corsair purchased the company. As a result, Origin PC’s devices are tailored to fit your exact specifications, setting it apart from other brands on our list and making it part of our list of good gaming PC brands. Instead of wasting hours configuring a unique system, let Origin PC handle it for you. It is possible to customize every part of the case, from the color to the panels’ material.