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MacOS vs Windows? Which Operating System Is Better?

Everyone knows that when it comes to operating systems it doesn’t get any better than macOS and Windows. But the question remains – which one is better of the two? Both of these systems rule the software market in terms of security, performance, and task managers. However, we can’t deny the fact that there is some difference between the two. In this article, we’ll compare the two operating systems feature by feature, until we come to the conclusion which one takes the crown.   


Both macOS and Windows have very precise and polished setup processes. You can begin the setup even if you aren’t logged into your Microsoft or Apple account.

However, there is a better setup experience for users who do decide to log in. Users with accounts that match their respective OS will also get to enjoy voice assistants, messaging, synching devices, and others. macOS will begin updating through “System Preferences” and on the other hand, you can finish the complete Windows setup with Cortana’s help. 

Getting Started

No matter if you are a Windows fan or an Apple devotee, no one can deny the fact that both of these OSes have upgraded from the standard (and simple) way of logging in. If you have a macOS, with some devices you can log in by using your fingerprint, or you can use any portable device of the same manufacturer like your iPhone or Apple Watch. All you need to do is put them close to the computer, and you will be logged into your account. 

On the other hand, Windows uses Hello, and on most Surface devices or other high-end PCs, users can log in through face recognition. With Hello, you can also log in via fingerprint readers. But if neither fingerprint nor face scan is available on your device, a simple PIN will do the trick. Once you open the Start option you will have direct access to the apps that you use the most, as well as all of your documents and settings. 

Available Hardware

Even though the world is brought to a halt whenever Apple demonstrates a new Mac, since they are always equipped with amazing design and the best technology, their price can sometimes be a little overwhelming. 

However, Windows users have numerous options when it comes to personalizing their own PC. And the prices are way more acceptable. Everything from mouse and keyboard to more unconventional equipment like VR headsets and HoloLens can be customized, which is something that many users prefer. 

Built-In Apps

For this feature, we have to say that macOS comes with a winning array of incredible apps that are instantly available to their users. No one can deny that Windows offers a great selection of incredible apps, but with macOS, you can enjoy a video editor, streaming music service, GarageBand app, and many others.

Both of these OSes include solid mail clients, calculators, video and photo viewers, calendars, voice recorders, web browsers, screenshot tools, weather, maps, cameras, and many others.

In the end, we must come to the conclusion that both of these operating systems have their stronger and weaker sides. And that the real question is which of the two you prefer, and which one would enhance and improve your time spent in front of a computer.