MeshLab for iOS

A powerful easy-to-use 3D mesh viewer
for iPad and iPhone

MeshLab for iOs is an advanced 3D model viewer for iOS. MeshLab for iOS has been designed to be able to display complex 3D models in a simple and intuitive way, allowing the accurate inspection of a 3D model through a precise yet straightforward navigation.

  • Read models from a variety of standard 3D formats (PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ)
  • Open model directly from web pages, email attachments, DropBox or through classical iTune file space area
  • Navigate the model in a very intuitive way. Look at the videos in the screenshot page
  • Efficiently show highly complex models upto 2,000,000 of triangular faces on a iPad.
This application has been developed by the Visual Computing Lab a research group of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) , the same team that has developed MeshLab, the leading open source mesh processing system (the resemblance between the names of the two applications is intentional). We are going to add, in the next versions, more and more advanced and innovative features to make it become a powerful tool for the presentation, inspection, analysis and review of 3D objects.
Sample 3D models
Gargoyle (200k tris 4.2mb)
Gargoyle (20k tris 420kb)
Iphigenia (100k tris 2.1mb)
Frequently Asked Questions
MeshPad MeshLab for iOS V1.0
© 2011/2012 Visual Computing Lab - ISTI - CNR
An app for viewing and presenting 3D meshes.

Project Leader: Paolo Cignoni
Main Developer: Luigi Malomo
Core Developers: Marco Callieri, Marco DiBenedetto, Federico Ponchio, Guido Ranzuglia
VCLab Visual Computing Lab
Via Moruzzi 1,
56124 Pisa

This application relies on the Visual Computing Library for all the mesh processing and loading tasks.
The background color and the interaction style are deliberately inspired to the ones of our beloved MeshLab